Zirconia 95 Nano Grinding Beads

Nano Grinding Beads, Zirconia 95

Nano-zirconia grinding beads are made with international leading technology. The raw material is nano-sized zirconium powder, which greatly improves the compressive strength of the beads, with very low abrasion, and the quality reaches the international advanced level.

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Nano ceramic grinding media, zirconia beads, zirconia 95%

It is widely used in nano-grinding equipment such as nano-sand mills, pin-type sand mills, turbine sand mills, new vertical sand mills, laboratory sand mills, high-end polishing machines, etc.

Technical Data

Chemical Composition (wt%) :94.5% ZrO2+5.2% Y2O3
Density(g/cm3): > 6.05
Hardness (HV): 1250
Hardness (Mohs): 9
Bulk density (g/cm3): 3.75
Water Absorption (%): 0
Self-wear :<2ppm
Appearance & Color: Smooth, White or Milky

Granular Size Available

0.10 mm -0.02/+0.05
0.15 mm -0.02/+0.05
0.20 mm -0.03/+0.05
0.30 mm -0.05/+0.10
0.40 mm -0.05/+0.10
0.50 mm -0.05/+0.10
0.60 mm -0.10/+0.10
0.80 mm -0.10/+0.10
0.90 mm -0.10/+0.10


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