Grinding media

When you cannot use steel grinding media or grinding media made with other materials in your ball mills because of contamination or high power consumption, alumina ceramic media will be your choice.

grinding media, ceramic beads

The alumina ceramic media is hard, wear resistant, chemically inert, corrosion resistant, non-toxic, non-magnetic, and non-porous.

Alumina ceramic grinding media (alumina balls & alumina cylinders) are suitable for applications where highly efficient grinding must be paired with low grinding media abrasion.

grinding media, grinding cylinder, alumina ceramic cylinder

grinding media, grinding cylinder, alumina ceramic cylinder

Non-ferrous grinding is absolutely essential in many processes, for ceramics, paint, ink, coatings, dyes, rubber and cement industries and so on, in order to prevent undesired impurities in the grinding materials used.

Alumina ceramic grinding media (ceramic beads of small size) are also suited for use in processes where mixing and dispersing effects play an important role. In the majority of these grinding processes, alumina is the most common ceramic materials used for mill liners.

grinding media, grinding beads, alumina ceramics

Generally grinding media and linings are manufactured with calcined alumina powder. They are available in a wide range of dimensions to meet the requirements of the often highly specialized grinding processes and equipment used in this industry.

Alumina ceramic beads / balls, alumina 92%

Product Features:

Hardness (Moh’s):9

Density: 3.63g/cm3 Min.

Low Wear Loss

Excellent Corrosion-resistant

Excellent Heat-resistant

Good impact performance


Wet grinding / dry grinding (suitable for many industries, such as Ceramic, building materials, mining, metallurgical, cement etc.)

Alumina ceramic beads

Forming: Rolling


Size: 5mm


Alumina balls

Forming: CIP

Size: 13mm


Size: 17mm

Size: 20mm

Size: 25mm

Size: 30mm, 40mm, 50mm, 60mm, 70mm,95mm


Alumina ceramic cylinder, alumina 92%


Hardness (Moh’s):9

Density: 3.63g/cm3 Min.

Low Wear-loss

High Acid -resistant

High Softening Temperature

High Corrosion -resistant

High Mechanical Strength


Machinery in Building Material, Mines, Metallurgy, Cement, Chemical, Inks, Cosmetics etc.

Because of the larger grinding surface touch than alumina balls, the grinding efficiency of alumina grinding cylinder is 30 times more than the grinding balls.

Excellent wear resistant property can ensure the purity of grinded material, whose grinding efficiency is 900 times than normal grinding media.

Alumina ceramic cylinders

Forming: Dry press

Size: 11×12.1mm

Size: 15×16.5mm



Size: 21x21mm, 31x31mm