Green Machining

This technique is commonly applied to as-pressed parts which are still in a “chalky” condition. Common metalworking machines are used to machine the part in this “soft” condition as greater material removal rates are possible than by post sintering operations such as diamond grinding. As fired green machined components are subject to maximum tolerances of …

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Injection Moulding

Injection Moulding In a similar manner to extrusion, a plastic mix is prepared and heated in the barrel of the moulding machine until it is at the correct temperature at which the mix has a sufficiently low viscosity to allow flow if pressure is applied. A plunger is pressed against the heated mixture forcing it …

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Isopressed Ceramics

Complete line of isopressed ceramic cylinders. Second only to diamonds in hardness (+9 Mohs), cylinders provide outstanding wear resistance. Cylinders can be manufactured with inside diameters ranging from three to twelve inches with a minimum wall thickness of one-half inch. This design increases the wear life by limiting the number of parallel joints within the …

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Ceramic Injection Moulding (CIM)

For components requiring high precision and medium to high volumes we offer Ceramic Injection Moulding (CIM). CIM is an innovative forming technique to manufacture a range of components, including those with a high geometric complexity, offering an economic solution for difficult production problems. The CIM process begins with very fine ceramic powders. Using sophisticated mixing …

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Alumina ceramic machining

Alumina ceramic machining including molding & grinding. Molding includes – Extrusion for small tubes, slip casting for large tubes, isostatic pressing, hydraulic pressing, green body machining, & sintering. Grinding includes – Precision diamond machining, lapping, & polishing.