The Properties and applications of zirconia ceramic grinding beads

Zirconia beads are a kind of ceramic grinding media, which are used for ultra-fine grinding and dispersion of zero-pollution, high-density, high-viscosity, and high-hardness materials.

YTZ zirconia ceramic grinding bead has high density, high strength and high toughness. It is a grinding media with excellent wear resistance and long service life. It is widely used in fine ceramics, electronic parts materials, lithium battery materials, inks, coatings, and nano materials. In many fields, it can realize the grinding and dispersion of micron-level and nano-level materials.

The performance characteristics of YTZ zirconia ceramic grinding balls:

Long service life, can reduce production costs:
High density, good impact resistance, good wear resistance, no need to replace or supplement frequently;

Low pollution to materials:
The zirconia content is 95%, stable performance, low impurity content, the pollution to materials is negligible;

High grinding efficiency:
High density, high impact force, high grinding efficiency;

Good sphericity, concentrated particle size distribution:
Good spherical, smooth and flawless surface, and concentrated particle size distribution, which helps to improve the grinding performance;

Suitable for multiple grinding mills:
Impact resistance, low abrasion, suitable for various sand mills and stirring mills, both dry and wet grinding can be used;

Nano grinding:
Zirconia ceramic beads with a particle size of 0.1~0.8mm can achieve nano-level grinding.


Zirconia ceramic beads are used to grind and disperse various materials, such as:
Electronic component materials, such as dielectrics, piezoelectric components, and magnetic components;
Phosphors and battery electrode materials;
Pigments, paints, coatings;
Fine ceramic raw materials;
Polishing powder, CMP abrasive;
Medicines, powdered foods, pesticides;
Other uses, such as non-metallic minerals, glazes, papermaking, etc.