Factors affecting service life of wear resistant alumina ceramics

Alumina wear-resistant ceramic sheet is a widely used wear-resistant material, which is often used as the wear-resistant liner of mechanical equipment, pipelines, chutes, etc., so users will be more concerned about the service life of the alumina wear-resistant ceramics.

According to different working conditions, the wear mode of alumina wear-resistant ceramic plates can be roughly divided into cutting wear, fatigue wear, abrasion wear, impact wear, etc., because the wear mode under each working condition is not the same, so the wear mechanism of alumina ceramics is also quite different.

In practical applications, these types of wear mode are often interrelated and affect each other, sometimes one type of wear mode effect is obvious, and sometimes it contains two or more types of wear mode.

The service life of the wear-resistant alumina ceramics is not only related to its own quality, but also related to the material particular size, hardness, friction mode, environment, load, scouring speed, temperature, etc.

Generally speaking, the smaller material particles, the lower concentration, the lower scouring speed, and the smaller scouring angle, the longer service life of the wear-resistant alumina ceramics.