Steatite Ceramic Components

Steatite Ceramic Components


Steatite is a magnesium silicate material of high electrical resistance at high temperatures, good mechanical strength and a very low dielectric loss factor, which has been used for many decades as insulators or enclosures for electrical components.

Steatite ceramics is made from a mineral talcum(3MgO.4SiO2.H2O), as the main raw material, adding suitable clay and BaTi03 and other ingredients through the process of mixture fine grinding, molding and high temperature sintering.

Steatite ceramics is an excellent material for electrical engineering as it can be readily shape sintered into a wide variety of forms such as washers, bushings, resistor forms, spaces and beads.

Typical Physical Properties of Steatite Ceramics:

Relatively high mechanical strength
High volume resistivity at elevated temperatures
Excellent dielectric strength
Low dissipation factor

Typical Steatite Ceramic Products:

Supports for heating devices
Electrical insulators
Stand-off insulators
Lighting insulators (supports, bases, etc.)
Insulating washers or bushings

Steatite ceramic components

Steatite ceramics, ceramic parts

Steatite ceramics, ceramic parts

Steatite ceramics, ceramic parts

advanced ceramic parts, precision ceramics, ceramic components

We make custom products according to special design or requirements.

OEM is acceptable.


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