Application of Zirconia Ceramics in Automobile

Many components of the car are made of zirconia ceramics and are used in important devices such as engines, sensors, brakes, and shock absorbers.

Generally, zirconia ceramics are sintered with inorganic non-metals such as zirconia and yttria.

Compared with alumina ceramics, the strength and high-temperature resistance of the zirconia ceramics are significantly improved, and its application effect in the automotive field is improved.

The heat-insulating zirconia ceramic material surrounds the combustion chamber of the automobile engine to insulate the heat and reduce the heat loss.

The exhaust gas turbocharger and the power turbine are used to recover the exhaust energy, which effectively improves the thermal efficiency of the engine.

Automotive sensors must be able to be used in harsh working environments for a long time.

They must also have features such as small size and light weight, good reusability, and a wide range of output.
The sensor made of zirconia ceramic just satisfies the above requirements because the ceramic has heat resistance, corrosion resistance, abrasion resistance and its potential excellent electromagnetic and optical properties.

Zirconia ceramic brakes are made on the basis of carbon fiber brakes.

After being pressed, heated, carbonized, heated, cooled, and many other processes, since the surface hardness of carbon-silicon compounds of this type of brake is close to that of diamond, its impact resistance is high. , corrosion resistance is very prominent.


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