Performance advantages of alumina ceramics and applications in the electronics industry

Performance advantages of Alumina Ceramics

Alumina ceramics have a series of advantages such as:

(1) Excellent insulation, low frequency loss, good high frequency insulation;

(2) Non-combustible, stainless, hard to damage, has excellent properties that are incomparable with other organic materials and metal materials;

(3) Good wear resistance , hardness is the same as that of corundum, reaches Mohs hardness 9 grade. The wear resistance is comparable to that of super hard alloy;

(4) Perfect heat resistance, low thermal expansion coefficient, large mechanical strength, good thermal conductivity;

(5) Chemical resistance and melting metal.

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Applications in the electronics industry

(1) Ceramic multi-layer substrates for multi-chip packages:

The packaging used for computer semiconductor chips has increased the performance of computers by more than 10 times, and the price has also dropped significantly.

Due to the high density package, the signal transmission time of the chip itself is shortened.

(2) High Pressure Sodium Lamp LED:

The alumina transparent body formed of poly-crystalline opaque alumina is applied to the high pressure sodium lamp, and the lighting efficiency is twice that of the mercury lamp.

Transparent alumina fine ceramic not only transmits light, but also has high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, high insulation, high strength, low dielectric loss and other properties,is an excellent optical ceramics, but also for microwave ovens and windows.

(3) Alumina ceramic sensor:

Alumina ceramic grains, grain boundaries, pores and other structural features and characteristics as a sensitive element for high temperature and corrosive gas environment, so that the detection and control of information is accurate and rapid.

From this type of application, there are sensors such as temperature, gas, and temperature.

advanced ceramics, technical ceramics,industrial ceramics,ceramic materials,ceramic parts, ceramic components, Lithaiwa



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