Granulation is one stage of the production of advanced ceramics. It is a process of adding a certain amount of plasticizer to the raw material powder to get granules with a relatively particle size and a certain degree of granularity, good fluidity (about 20-80 meshes), so as to facilitate the press molding of ceramic green body.

For the particle size of the new ceramic raw materials, the smaller the better, but too small is not good for the molding performance.

Because the smaller granular of the raw material powder will result in lighter particles and poor flowability;

At the same time, the specific surface area of the raw material is bigger and the volume occupied is also bigger. Because the mold cannot be filled evenly during molding, voids are easily generated, resulting in low density.

If made into bigger granular, the fluidity is good, it is convenient to fill the mold and distribute evenly.

This is not only conducive to improving the density of the green body, but also improving the consistency of the molding and firing density distribution.

Because of the increased packing density of the granules, the porosity is low, and the compression ratio is increased, the external dimensions of the steel mold will be smaller.

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