What is functional ceramics?

Due to fast development of science and technology, the request on the performance and quality is higher and higher,some ceramic materials to be developed into new types of materials with special function.

This type of ceramic materials requires a higher degree of precision both in terms of performance and applications, as well as in the production process, so together with structural ceramics, they are collectively called as advanced ceramics.

As far as the function of the ceramic material is concerned, there are mechanical, thermal, chemical, electrical, magnetic, optical, radiative and biological functions.

Ceramics with a single function, such as mechanical, thermal and partially chemical functional ceramics, are generally named as structural ceramics;

Polycrystalline inorganic solid materials with electrical, optical, magnetic, and partially chemical functions are named as functional ceramics.

Functional ceramics:

There are many types of functional ceramics, such as semiconductor ceramics, dielectric ceramics, dielectric ceramics, luminescent ceramics, photosensitive ceramics, microwave absorbing ceramics, ceramic lasers, nuclear fuel ceramics,propellant ceramics, solar energy conversion ceramics, energy storage ceramics, ceramic solid batteries, damping ceramics, biotechnology Ceramics, catalytic ceramics, special functional films, etc.

Functional ceramics play an important role in industries as automatic control, instrumentation, electronics, communications, energy, transportation, metallurgy, chemical engineering, precision machinery, aerospace, and national defense.


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